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Edge EffectEdge Effect started exness crypto life as simply a vehicle for us to publish our electronic arts. Initially it was an exploration the interaction between conventional musical forms and more avant-garde electronic experimentation. Over the last couple of years we have refined our ideas and are moving towards a more coherent expression of our view of the world as a tapestry of dynamic systems.

As My musical work has moved away from tongue-in-cheek electronic experimentation towards creating more serious ambient sound works. Sarah has all but abandoned sound work in favour of making videos illustrating the deep complexity of the natural world.

Once we've managed to purchase all the necessary equipment, we're hoping to integrate these two ideas into complete video works.


These discs are available for £4 each from our Mail order page now!


If you would like to receive an E. mail notification of future Edge Effect releases (CD and MP3), and details of live appearances, fill in the form on the mailing list page.

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