Edge Effect is a media arts company (I say "company" but, to be honest, there's just me, Andy Preston) based in Swindon in the wilds of Wiltshire.

I've been interested in television and electronic music since I was a very small child and can trace the beginnings of applying electronics back to the 1980s when I first started using 8-bit microcomputers and analogue synthesizers and occasionally poking my nose into my parents work with our local community television station.

As digital technology has opened up new areas for me, I have rapidly moved into them - now expanding the tools of my trade into computer hardware and software, video cameras and editing software, digital and film stills cameras, image processing, and digital synthesizers.

My own art projects are based around live performances of my own brand of dark-ambient and electronic music coupled with projected video. I've taken part in performance events in London, Bristol, Bath, Burton on Trent & Swindon and contributed to gallery exhibitions in Swindon and Bath.

In work-time, I'm a software developer.

Apart from a diploma course in computer studies, I am pretty much self-taught in almost everything I do - applying the hacker mentality to my "relationship" with the devices I use.

I find myself rather disappointed by a great deal of the digital art that I encounter. To me, it tends to concentrate far too much on the idea of championing the medium without enough concern for any message, content or feeling. It's always been an aim of mine to produce work that reverses this trend. To create, perhaps, a digital-romanticism.

Way back in the mists of 1986 my artistic projects were under the name "BlackStar Industries" which became "Edge Effect" just a year later.

From 1996 I ran a software development business called "Apollo Developments" which I renamed "Andy Preston Consultancy" in 2002 as I moved more into the field of web / media-consultancy. In 2006 the various strings of my bow all came together under the "Edge Effect" name.

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