A new CD - Music for Art Galleries, was released on 31-July-2004.
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 - Compost Mentis MK II

Compost Mentis MK II


This disc was intended to represent the moving https://www.pocketoption.com.ph of Edge Effect away from being just a solo project into something bigger, it was not only our first release on CD-R, but also the start of a new phase, where various people come together into something resembling a group.

The downside of working in groups is that ructions between the various members seem almost inevitable. We copped this full-on right at the start, we've had to temporarily delete this CD as one of the then members of the group had withdrawn our rights to use his work.

After a month or so of re-mixing, recording, & archive searching; here we present the new remixed (or airbrushed - shades of Soviet propoganda) version of Compost Mentis.

  1. Crossed Wires By Andy & "Bobby" (3:24)
    This track has become symbolic of the process of re-releasing Compost Mentis. Originally the first track to contain work by all active members of Edge Effect, it was due to open our next CD release. It was made just before one of those members left under a dark cloud, & was intended for a disc that now wasn't going to happen.

    It seems kind of fitting that this airbrushed re-release should start with an airbrushed track, the version you hear here has been re-mixed to remove contributions by our ex-member. In this version his parts have been replaced with re-worked extracts from Kevin O'Neil Warped My Mind. The title comes from the vocal samples - Sarah's brother, Alan & our answer-machine share a moment of Telephonic Confusion.

  2. Places Gone But Not Forgotten By "Bobby" (5:13)
    Swindon is a boom town, which means that each year there seems to be one less wild place to visit, & another housing estate to avoid. This track is dedicated to all of pocket option download for windows 10 those places that we'll never see again but will live on in our memories, & especially to Rushey Platt on the banks of the River Ray.

    It's quite funny that although both "Bobby" & Sarah really don't like Jean Michel Jarre's work at all, a bar or two of his Fishing Junks at Sunset has managed to find it's way into this track.

  3. Crazy Old Gits By Andy (2:17)
    303 style squelchiness from the late 90s, coupled up with a recording of my mate Ian Leighton commenting on street theatre from way back in 1988.

  4. My Brain Is Melting By "Bobby" & Andy (4:18)
    This is the second time that I've made a track by remixing this module by "Bobby". It's first outing was as I said, 'Be careful, that bread bag is really a camera!'. This time, I've kept closer to the original's nutty atonal sound, I've added a bit of a techno beat & replaced those tortured animals with electronic sounds that border on comedy sound effects. As I was working on the remixing, I kept thinking about Bill Bailey's Aldous Huxley sketch - specifically his "My Brain Is Melting" punchline, which I then used as a sample to add the finishing touch. Works nicely with the whole Compost Mentis theme, dunnit?

  5. Warm Afterglow By Andy & "Bobby" (3:55)
    This started life as a nice mellow flute-sound module by "Bobby". I've remixed & mangled it into an ambient drone.

  6. Fractal Terrian (2me Tableux) By Andy (3:37)
    This track represents a journey across a landscape that only exists within models of the real world created within a computer.

    These fractal models bear a very close resemblance to nature but at the same time, something about them never seems to be quite right. However close to nature these mathematical models come, they always seem to have just as far to go, reminding us that the models of reality we use are simply that: models, That in all science & philosophy we are not describing the universe, but the models we build to try to understand the universe.

  7. Pyramid of The Sun By "Bobby" (5:03)
    Deep in the jungle, stands the ruined temple of the Sun. It's builders are long gone, but their descendants still keep the count of days here. According to an ancient calendar this is the day of The Festival of The Sun. The bright Sun beats down on the equally bright costumes of the people who have come to celebrate the gift of life & the hope of freedom.

  8. Subliminal Revelers By Andy (4:31)
    Over the years, there's been loads of tracks that I've proclaimed "the best Edge Effect track ever", this one is currently enjoying that high honour. I'm not sure if it's the moronic, finger on the jack plug bass-line, or the bits when the feedback stops, or the plinky - plinky - plink percussion, but it's "the best Edge Effect track ever" - well for now anyway.

  9. If It's Dark, You Can't See By Andy (2:52)
    I don't know what happened here. I suppose my higher self must have popped in on the way to The 97th Dimension the day I did this track. Suddenly from somewhere, I seemed to be able to write real music. Either that, or it's proof of the theory that if you have an infinite number of monkeys, and an infinite number of typewriters you'll eventually get a big pile of broken typewriters, or something like that.

  10. Their Fingers Are Made of Metal By Andy (5:05)
    Everything is dark here, & shrouded in mist. It's difficult to see what is happening; but pocket option somewhere close by, the beings that live here are out & about. Can you hear the sound of their fingers grating against those strange instruments of theirs? Maybe it's some kind of music.

  11. Requiem for Mir By "Bobby" & Andy (3:09)
    Christmas 2000 - the Mir space station has been in orbit for 14 years, hosting crews from all over the world. Everything is quiet now, the life support systems have been deactivated, the radio is silent, only the computers are in control. Like a ghost ship, it orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes, waiting to meet it's fate. On the 23rd of March 2001 it will plunge through the atmosphere, & those parts of it that do not burn up will crash into the Pacific Ocean. It's designers had estimated that it would be in service for 2 years.

  12. An Anerisian Illusion By Andy (4:33)
    On the planet Amridon there are a species of airborne super-intelligent cephalopods. They tend to produce all the great works of art & music due to their control over their skin pigmentation & the dexterity of their prehensile tentacles. On this track we hear one of them playing a glockenspiel-like instrument.

    An Illusion of chaos created with an ordered progression through a series of chaotic building blocks. (Crowd noise sampled from Psychic-TV Live in Paris)


The Compost Heap [6 months later] Many of our friends have asked exactly what it is on the cover of this CD (someone even thought it was a photo of my penis???), the answer is, of course, a compost heap. If you look closely you can see a piece of lemon peel and an old egg-shell. The original photo was taken in September 2002. This photo shows a view of the same compost heap, 6 months later.


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