A new CD - Music for Art Galleries, was released on 31-July-2004.
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 - Ghosts Of Tomorrow

Ghosts Of Tomorrow


This CD is a series of abstract sound colages, created from a collection of old recordings mixed together with newer material. The process of bringing this material together, or course stired up thoughts of one of my favorite little obsessions - the nature of time.

A ghost could be described as that which goes on after a person has died, and they do exist. Don't phone the funny farm just yet - bear with me for a sec. A ghost is that which lives on in human consciousness: memories in the minds of those who are still alive, art or engineering works left behind, treasured philosophical ideas.

Future ghosts are far more tenuous, nothing in the future is yet to be set in stone for the rest of eternity; but it is still shaped by the thoughts of those who are here now and the ghosts of the past that live on in their minds.

If that's all just too ponderous for you. These tracks represent the "ghosts" of the past of Edge Effect, "reborn" as new ideas for the future.

  1. Industrial Archaeology (20:22)
    Part 1 (7:23) - This piece is in two layers, one layer is made from digitally processed synthesiser sounds, the second layer was created using a MIDI based permutated sequence again subjected to digital signal processing. As the piece continues, a third layer in the form of a slowed-down synthesizer arpeggio is faded in.

    The workers return home at the end of their shifts, returning to their private lives and their dreams.

    Part 2 (7:46) - A drone track built up from a layer of DSP'd synthesizer with a layer of "playing the keyboard" synthesizer, topped of with an edited and looped field recording of trains and churchbells.

    Past and future meet each other in the fraction of a moment we call now.

    Part 3 (5:13) - Yet again, the base of this piece is a drone created by digitally processing sounds from the synthesizers. With a reprise of the churchbells from the previous track, and some reversed and melodic stuff from the EG-101.

    To me, this piece was obviously inspired by the visions of time travel presented on my childhood Saturday afternoons, in the form of Dr. Who.

  2. Ghosts of Tomorrow (8:19)
    Part 1 (3:37) - This section opens with a drum line and organ chords on the EG-101, with a reversed and processed EG-101 percussion line over the top, and (yet again) re-worked extracts from Kevin O'Neil Warped My Mind. flowing on. All this is soon joined by the processed sound of the mutant recorder. The MP3 sample available for download above is an edited version of this track.

    Wandering around in old derelict buildings - filled with memories and ghosts of their old lives.

    Part 2 (4:42) - The mutant recorder carries on through this part, accompanied by sequenced and partially reversed percussion tracks. The whole thing draws to a close with bell sounds echoed into infinity.

    A disturbed nights sleep - It's kind of like Kraftwerk's Mitternacht on glue.

  3. Science Fiction Sound Effects (12:14)
    Did I watch way too much Dr. Who when I was a kid?.. Probably!

    Part 1 (3:25) - Parts of this section are re-workings of older Edge Effect tracks from somewhere around 1998, the first of these older tracks is in-turn a re-working of the very first Edge Effect recording ever, dating all the way back to 1988.

    Part 2 (5:23) - Space Transport 0-86-318362-X pulls out of an orbital way-station, and enters "space-warp" to make it's journey across the galaxy.

    Part 3 (3:26) - 0-86-318362-X arrives on a strange new planet, as they deliver supplies to a colony of scientists, they pause to listen to the calls and songs of the native fauna.


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