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 - martindx / Edge Effect - Remix

martindx / Edge Effect - Remix
Picture by Andy, based on a web-page design by Martin


This project is based on the pocket option philippines idea of Martin doing some remixes of Edge Effect material, and me doing the same with his "Just a Thought" CD-R. We've approached it in different ways: Martin has used bits of multiple finished and unfinished Edge Effect tracks as raw materials for his remixes. With one exception, I've remixed each track as a self-contained unit. Our finished work is a pot-pouri of Ambient, Techno, Avant Garde, and probably some other things too.

This will be a joint release. Martin has put 3 of each of our tracks as MP3s on his website (which are now also available as part of the Open Source Audio collection at Archive.org.) There's also a CD-R of the whole caboodle available from Edge Effect CD Mail Order.

  1. Body Bag - Picabia Mix By Andy/Martin (2:54)
    Martin seemed to enjoy playing with his gas-fire on this track, I've remixed it into a slightly different perspective - perhaps you're a wee-beastie caught in the machinery.

  2. Flo - Hypnosis Mix By Andy/Martin (4:04)
    A few samples from "Flo" sent spinning off into a trance-state with a couple of resonating filters for company.

  3. One Big Yawn By Martin/Andy (4:48)
    I haven't got a clue what sounds of mine Martin used to build this track, it's just too remixed to tell anymore.

    We're in a desert. The wind is whipping up the sand around us, the sun dazzles us from above. All our squinting eyes can make out is a uniform pocket option bonus code blur of shifting dunes.

  4. Rebel - Spiral Beta Mix By Andy/Martin (4:00)
    "Rebel" gets a similar treatment to "Flo".

  5. Dirt - Scriabin Mix By Andy/Martin (3:54)
    We have been drawn into the workings of a great machine. It is processing us, moulding us. Although we live our lives inside it's workings we have never been quite sure what it's purpose is.

  6. Anarcho - Situationist Mix By Andy/Martin (1:50)
    Martin described this mix in a letter... "Kind of unhappy uneasy unsettling feel..." It's just a simple slow it down, filter it a bit, cut out a good chunk kind of jobbie, but sometimes that's all it needs.

  7. Dogs Breath By Martin/Andy (5:39)
    A kickin' techno remix of "Electronic Counter Measures", and a couple of other Edge Effect tracks.

  8. Concrete - Mix(er) By Andy/Martin (2:55)
    It's always like this when the ambassador of Zob comes to meet with the government on Spillickup Beta. The translation computer just gets overloaded and starts spouting random excerpts of the epic of the Wrangler of Kwarg.

  9. Tadpole - Filter Funnel Mix By Andy/Martin (2:18)
    The student was asleep in the lab again. That same dream: his companion meticulously recording the development of Bufo Calamita in her notepad. He is staring into his filter funnel, wondering if the last few drops of solution will actually take all of eternity to drip-drip-drip through. Suddenly his companion is pouring her tadpoles into his funnel, and just like last time, he wakes up. "What is that all about?"

  10. Last Tuesday - Shaman Mix By Andy/Martin (3:12)
    Here I've mangled Martin's "Last Tuesday" to create http://pocketoption.com.ph/download an evocation of the drum that the shaman "rides" into the interior world of the mind.

  11. Fishcake By Martin/Andy (3:12)
    Martin's used some of my machine sounds to re-create a strange duet between a malfunctioning helicopter on kangaroo petrol, and the Heath- Robinson orchestra.

  12. Virtual Particles By Andy/Martin (3:41)
    Rather than being a remix of just one of Martin's tracks, this one is made of tiny snippets of lots of his stuff each one representing another momentary manifestation of uncertainty.

  13. Death - Aniseed Mix By Andy/Martin (1:05)
    Martin's original track is a great Hindu joke: "Please hang up, and try again", geddit? Again, my remixing's just a bit of reversal and some stretching. The great karmic telephone operator seems to have developed a taste for aniseed balls?..


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