A new CD - Music for Art Galleries, was released on 31-July-2004.
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 - Ocean of Dreams

Ocean of Dreams


On this CD we have a selection of Edge Effect's ambient recordings. You might see it as a selection pocket option promo code 50 of soothing and relaxing souds to guide you into a state of meditation, or then again you may see it as a collection of bland "wallpaper music", or maybe a depressing dirdge. It's certainly our most conventionally musical CD so far.

  1. Somniferum [LIVE] By Andy (3:40)
    Built using my venerable old Korg Mono/Poly and digital delay. My tracks like this are made by playing an arpeggio with each note in sequence triggering a different oscillator - making sure there are more notes than oscillators, and chucking the whole thing through the digital delay. For years this technique was the mainstay of Edge Effect. (Hmmmm, a new article for the waffle section coming up.)

    Warning: This track must be played in Stereo. When played in Mono parts of it cancel each other out, and much of the rhythm just dissapears.

  2. Times Lost [LIVE] By Andy (9:00)
    This has happened before, if was very strange then & it's still wierd now. I'm the first to admit that I'm a ten-thumbed talentless noise-polluter, but occasionaly I must get a visit from higher intelligences for the Planet Zarb or something, and seem to suddenly aquire the ability of actually playing my keyboards.

    So here I am playing the EG-101 in a piece that Sarah always compares to the opening bars of the music to Twin Peaks.

  3. Dreams on the Sea Bed By Andy and Sarah (7:20)
    The title of this track was originally intended as nothing more than an attempt at humor. But it seems to be drawing subconscious reference to Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange's collaborative work (see my rather confused notes for A Dream for Delia.)

    Created using my Generative Concrète patch for SpiralSynthModular working it's way through a set of musical phrases, played by Sarah on the guitar. The whole thing works in a simillar manner to Brian Eno's Discrete Music.

    This track has been holding up the whole CD for ages. When we https://pocketoption.com.ph/download first thought of the idea, we had no way to realise it, then my Generative Concrète patch for Spiral Synth Modular "turned up", but this piece displayed a nasty click-generating flaw in the original patch, which took me a few more weeks to solve. Hope it's worth it in the end.

    There's more information about generative concrète, with some more downloads coming soon.

  4. Ocean of Dreams By Andy (9:32)
    Very much the dissimilar twin to The Existential Dilemma. Here I have used a much fuller orchestral sound, and have kept away from those melancholic minor chords. Built using simple sequences DSP'd into an ambient mush.

  5. Signals from Space By Andy (9:04)
    The odd track out, not as melodic as the other stuff, more what you'd expect from Edge Effect. Mono/Poly drone and swoosh layered in with Spiral Synth Modular sequences.

    Across the sea of space, information hurtles at impossible speeds, taking eternity to reach it's destination, on the other side of everywhere. The dreams of the cosmos.

  6. The Existential Dilemma By Andy (5:46)
    A track built up from a few simple string chords and melodies, which are pocket option login layered and slowed down to try to create a mood of sadness and loss, whilst still maintaining a relaxing ambient atmosphere.

[LIVE] Indicates that this track was recorded in one take with no overdubbing.


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